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Through a presentation of different points of view about a given topic, it will seek to generate a dynamic that promotes the generation of dialogue, the exchange of ideas and cooperation between the different actors of the academic ecosystem.


Round table


Teacher Training and Educational Innovation During and Post-Covid

COVID-19 came to make evident the needs and weaknesses of education systems worldwide. In our country thousands of students, male and female teachers have been affected. What's next? What have been the challenges that the pandemic has shown us? How can we face them?


  • Ing. Diana Marcela Aranda

  • Prof. Gabriela Mora

  • Dr. Cesar Acuna

Round table


Educational Inclusion and Human Rights

Despite technological and social advances in the modern era, we continue to experience large gaps between different groups in society. This has not been an exception in the educational system. What are we doing wrong? What has been achieved and what remains to be done?


  • Dr. Migdelina Espinoza

  • Prof. Anna Ivette Rodriguez

  • Prof. Haydee Meza

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