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To ensure effective knowledge interaction, there are technological tools that allow online education to be more dynamic, enjoyable and interesting, we will select those that provide added value and where you feel more comfortable and flexible. Use them your way!


Below you will find the different topics, content and resources  that will be addressed during the festival:


Introduction to Video Conferencing in Zoom

Zoom is a digital tool that improves the teaching and learning experience. This workshop will explore the different functions to capture the attention of the students in order to improve their learning results.


How to free up space on my devices?

Is your storage completely full? Learn how to free up space on your devices with this workshop.


Miro: Virtual Collaboration Tool

Miro is a platform that stimulates curiosity beyond the classroom, achieving interaction with students wherever they are in order to make distance learning easier and more fun.


Google Meets + Calendar + Forms

"Google" is a system that offers different applications that can help improve the dynamics of a class, this session will explain how to use these functions in favor of teachers through "Google Meets", "Google Calendar" and "Google Forms .


Kahoot!: Gamification in Education

Free platform that allows the creation of evaluation questionnaires making learning fun, attractive and impressive both at home and at school.


Miro Tool Application: Use Case

Through this workshop, the use of the "Miro" application will be experienced in a class, seeking to exemplify and demonstrate in a practical way its benefits in the teaching-learning process.


WhatsApp Business: for my Classes and Tasks

"WhatsApp Business” is a free download application that facilitates interactions through tools to automate, organize and quickly respond to messages.


Canva as a Graphic Tool to Improve Your Classes

Canva is a design platform that transmits creative and collaborative skills where visual learning and communication are easy and fun; from brainstorming and worksheets to presentations and infographics; the whole class can design by exploring creativity.


Mentimeter: Create Interactive Presentations

Mentimeter gives every student a voice by testing student knowledge, collecting feedback, and inviting thought with live polling features. Through word clouds and open questions, conversations can be started and ideas generated in the classroom.

The next section shows some other dynamic tools to improve the experience during class.


near pod

Web/app tool that allows the creation of interactive presentations that include activities such as: game-based questionnaires, surveys and collaborative boards, where the teacher obtains real-time information from the students.



Online video converter tool that allows you to record classes, show a friendly face, edit clips, and keep a constant and repetitive flow in the lessons

JEOPARDY (1).jpg


"JeopardyLabs" is a tool that allows you to create trivia in order to make a session more interactive and fun.



Computer application whose objective is the organization of information on school assignments through the file of notes  with easy accessibility from any device.



Calendly helps teachers simplify scheduling with students by avoiding double bookings and sending a scheduling link to easily find a time that works for students and faculty.  



Platform that provides mixed-use learning by fostering collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking for both students and faculty.


YouTube and Facebook Live

Through the "Facebook" and "YouTube" applications  classes can be taken to another level as a live broadcast expands your reach beyond  of the classroom to connect with the students and increase their participation.


Google Suite

Powerful service  learning while taking advantage of the time to focus on students thanks to flexible, secure and easy-to-use tools that are free and developed for education.



Application that provides a way to monitor and assess learning that saves time for educators while providing fun and engaging interactions for students. That is, it provides immediate feedback to ensure that a learning process is of quality.

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