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Through socio-emotional work, attention is paid to the development of social skills and self-knowledge that can favor personal growth, and that allow us to nurture our adaptation capacities. For this reason, they are necessary skills to face the current context, characterized by unexpected changes and challenges.

Viajero feliz

Below you will find the different topics, content and resources  that will be addressed during the festival:


Start Your Day with Yoga

Yoga is a discipline that aims to connect the body, mind and breath using meditation and physical postures to reduce stress and promote quality health in general.


Keys of Emotional Intelligence for Today's Education

Emotional intelligence is understood as the ability to understand, control and modify one's own and others' emotions. In this talk, five focuses will be presented on how to identify and develop our emotional intelligence in order to apply it wisely to education.


Meditation and Breathing: How to Start?

Meditation is a mental training that helps us develop qualities such as mindfulness, compassion and optimism to combat difficulties such as stress, anxiety and obsessive thoughts. Through frequent training these abilities stop becoming mental to become new habits that help us have a better quality of life.

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