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Within the new modality of online education, it is a great challenge to maintain the student's attention during the course of the different classes, seeking to avoid distractions as much as possible and achieve the necessary concentration, so it is essential to apply different strategies and dynamics to achieve successful class interaction.

Below you will find the different topics, content and resources  that will be addressed during the festival:


Create Eye-Catching Presentations with PowerPoint and Canva

PowerPoint Templates offer a wider range of design options, making them perfect for modern, sophisticated, and interactive presentations.


Communication Beyond the Screen

Get to know the tools to really carry out the communication process, making sure that the screen is not an impediment so that the essence of your message reaches your audience and really live the learning process, that is, that it is an advantage in the new ways of transmitting knowledge.


You have my attention, I have your attention

An image says more than a thousand words, that's why visual composition is key to express ideas. In this workshop, it will be taught how the human eye works and what role it plays in transmitting an idea, seeking, through creative methods, to capture the attention of students.


Response/Participation Systems for Classes and Conferences

It is based on the participation of all the students through simple and free applications that allow to collect answers and  opinions  of the audience, including those who are more timid.


Innovative Pedagogical Strategies for Educational Inclusion

Workshop aimed at teachers of all levels where innovative notions and tools will be offered that could be put into practice to achieve true educational inclusion.

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